The PCa models will be put offline on January 8th, 2019.
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How to support Mirrors of Medicine?

We believe our models address an unmet need in the actual offer of educational programmes since they answer to the need of practice-driven support in the multidisciplinary management of prostate cancer. Our goal is to provide the global community with 5 continuously updated models and to further enrich them as much as possible. This however will depend on the amount of educational grants raised.

Therefore we are applying for grants that will allow us to develop these models in the best possible way. You can support us via an unconditional grant or via educational grants allowing physicians to have full access to courses and accompanying Summaries.

If you are interested to support the Mirrors of Medicine programmes and discover the advantages of doing so, you can contact Luc Van Ruysevelt via or +32 (0)491 87 45.

Professor Nicolas Mottet
Chairman of the board ISSECAM

Professor Bertrand Tombal
Chairman of the scientific committee Mirrors of Medicine


Alberto Bossi, radiation oncology, France
Alberto Briganti, urology, Italy
Maria de Santis, medical oncology, Austria
Jacques Irani, urology, France
Steven Joniau, urology, Belgium
Dirk De Ridder, urology, Belgium
Christian Gratzke, urology, Germany