“Mirrors of Medicine trains you how to apply scientific evidence in everyday clinical practice. It’s easy, concise and up-to-date.”

Bertrand Tombal
University Hospital Saint-Luc, Urology


The PCa models will be put offline on January 8th, 2019.
Interested in uro-oncology? Check out our new accredited PinPoint case platform on ppcp.mirrorsmed.org

Besides Mirrors of Medicine being a powerful tool for individual learning, it also offers multiple applications to offer group education.

Mirrors of Medicine can be used for:

Educational meetings

Nothing in education is more popular than discussing cases. Mirrors of Medicine offers you the perfect framework to facilitate these valuable discussion.

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In-house training

Having well-developed professionals is a must. The Mirrors of Medicine programme helps you to get and keep your team up-to-date.

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Custom integrations

Mirrors of Medicine is an online programme, and therefor meant to be connect to other data or educational programmes.

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