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Educational meetings

The PCa models will be put offline on January 8th, 2019.
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Mirrors of Medicine is the ideal programme for interactive case discussions.

Team meetings

  • Small team meetings (1-6 pax)
  • Multidisciplinary team
  • Discussion on profiles from daily practice
  • Can be integrated with in-house training programme

Moderated meeting

  • Small to mid-sized audience (10-50 pax)
  • 1-3 experts to moderate
  • Base-case introduction
  • Discussion with "What-if" scenarios
  • Voting per table/participant

Congress session

  • Large audience (+100 pax)
  • 1-2 teams of 4 experts
  • 1 moderator
  • Base-case introduction
  • Discussion with "What-if" scenarios
  • Individual voting (optional)

Whether you are a physician bringing together colleagues or a company/association looking for an interesting CME meeting format, Mirrors of Medicine offers you the perfect framework to facilitate valuable group discussion.

Start with any patient profile you can think of

The 5 Mirrors of Medicine models contain all profiles covering the different stages of prostate cancer.

Use data from model to structure discussion

All treatment options are discussed, not just the one that would have been selected, giving the possibility to step away from a “fixed” case.

Show evidence behind recommendations

Every recommendation comes with underlying considerations, evidence, guidelines and references making it possible to motivate them.

Change a variable to discuss "What-if" scenarios

Change variables of the base case profile to show and discuss their impact on treatment options.

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