Steven Joniau

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Steven Joniau

University Hospitals Leuven, Urology

Steven Joniau graduated in Urology in 2002 at the Catholic University of Leuven. In 2003, he was appointed full-time staff member at the Dept of Urology, University Hospitals Leuven after 1 year of postgraduate training at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, UK.

His principal field of interest is the management of urological cancers. He is heavily involved in uro-oncological surgery and the multidisciplinary approach of pelvic cancers. He also leads numerous research projects at the University Hospitals Leuven, which focus on lymph node staging in prostate cancer, surgical management and biomarker development of high-risk prostate cancer, the natural history of premalignant lesions of the prostate, chemoprevention of prostate and bladder cancer, minimally invasive treatment of renal cell cancer and prostate cancer, etc. Apart from his interest in uro-oncology, he also specialised in reconstructive urology and is responsible for adult urethral reconstructions.

He is co-chairman of the Renal Cell Cancer Group of the Young Academic Urologists Working Party of the EAU (European Association of Urology). He is ESUT (EAU Section of Uro-Technology) Expert Group member of the Ablative Group. He is scientific secretary of the BVU (Belgische Vereniging voor Urologie) and board member of the Working Group Oncology of the BAU (Belgian Association of Urology). He is a member of several international scientific societies: EAU, EGTM (European Group on Tumour Markers), SIU (Société Internationale d’Urologie), SIOG (International Society of Geriatric Oncology), EORTC GUCG (European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer, Genito-Urinary Cancers Group).

He is a member of the EAU Guideline Panel on Prostate Cancer and the SIOG Prostate Cancer Guideline Group. He is appointed editorial Advisory Board member of ‘The European Journal of Surgical oncology’, editorial board member of ‘The Open Prostate Cancer Journal’, ‘Archivo Italiano di Urologia e Andrologia’, ‘The Central European Journal of Urology’  and ‘The Journal of OncoPathology’ and International Scientific Board member of ‘Archivos Españoles de Urología’.

He has received several international awards, of which the Crystal Matula Award 2011, received at the 2011 EAU annual congress, Vienna, Austria and  the biannual Orion International Oncology Award 2011, received at the 2011 EAU annual congress, Vienna, Austria are the most prestigious.

In the last 10 years, he has (co-)authored >125 papers in peer-reviewed journals in the field of uro-oncology and minimally invasive surgery. He (co-)authored several book chapters, he has been invited Faculty in over 60 international congresses and is a faculty member of the ESU (European School of Urology).