Joaquim Bellmunt

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Joaquim Bellmunt

University Hospital del Mar, Medical Oncology

Joaquim Bellmunt is Assistant Professor of Medicine at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain and Chief of the Solid Tumor Oncology Section at the Medical Oncology Service of Hospital del Mar, Barcelona. He was appointed Visiting Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School, USA on May 2009. He received his medical and doctorate degrees from the Universidad Autonoma of Barcelona and then obtained his European Certificate of Medical Oncology in London, before completing his medical oncology residency at the Vall d’Hebron University Hospital in Barcelona. He worked as an assistant at the Laboratory of Immunology, Hospital Infantil de la Ciudad Sanitaria Valle Hebrón and visited at the Clinical Immunology Service, the Division of Medical Oncology, and the Department of Immunopathology at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, USA. After completion of his residency, Dr Bellmunt joined the Medical Oncology Service at the Vall d’Hebron where he was responsible for the Uro-oncological Unit.


Dr Bellmunt’s research interests lie in clinical genitourinary oncology, including new drugs, translational and early clinical research in the area of growth factor receptors and downstream molecules as targets for cancer therapy. He has been involved in the clinical development of several new agents and combinations. He has also served as an advisory board member on new agents and other targeted therapies. Dr Bellmunt is an active member of the European Society of Medical Oncology and the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). He was a member of the ASCO Program Genitourinary (GU) Committee from 2003 to 2005 and of the ASCO GU since 2009. He is past-president and co-founder of the Spanish Oncology Genitourinary Group. He is also a consultant for the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer GU Group and Chair of the group’s Advanced Bladder Committee.


Dr Bellmunt serves as an ad hoc reviewer for the Journal of Clinical Oncology, Lancet Oncology, Annals of Oncology, European Urology, the European Journal of Cancer, the British Journal of Urology International, and the Journal of Urology, among others. Dr Bellmunt has published over 180 peer-reviewed articles and more than 120 abstracts and book chapters.