Jelle Barentsz

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Jelle Barentsz

Radboud University Medical Centre, Radiology

Jelle Barentsz is a recognised excellent international top-researcher. His contribution in MRI of prostate cancer and lymph nodes is of high quality. With his team he develops and validates new MRI-techniques. Especially the translation of the results of his research into daily care makes him extraordinary.

He received:

  • Royal Decoration: "Knight in the Order of the Dutch Lion"
  • Wertheim Salomonson Medal of the Dutch Radiological Society (NVvR)
  • Lifetime Achievement Award of the SAR
  • Queen Wilhelmina Research Award of the Dutch Cancer Society
  • SCBTMR Lauterbur Award

He received his MD in 1980, and PhD in 1990. He has 222 peer reviewed publications. (, h-factor: 61.

His 3 most important contributions are:

  1. Rebirth of the macrophages specific nano-MR contrast agent (Combidex®),
  2. Development, validation and implementation of multi-parametric MRI, resulting in the wide-spread use of prostate MRI, and;
  3. Development plus implementation of the PI-RADS scoring system for structured interpretation of prostate MRI’s.

He is Founding Member and Past-President of the ICIS and Past-President of the ESUR.

Currently he is Professor of Radiology and Chair of the Prostate MR-Reference Centre. This centre provides education and quality control and is visited yearly by >3000 patients.

Dr. Barentsz is also respected, because he is an empathetic man, who always puts the patient in the centre. To achieve this goal he does not allow any concessions. His devotion, passion and quality result in visits of many patients from all over the world. Also, international physicians visit his centre, to learn his techniques and implement them in their own practice.