The PCa models will be put offline on January 8th, 2019.
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Diagnostic and therapeutic decisions in everyday clinical practice are the focus of our Mirrors of Medicine educational programme. 

Best available evidence

Mirrors of Medicine (MiMe) uses the RAND/UCLA Appropriateness Method to identify the best available evidence at the patient-specific level. The primary source is always information from high-quality clinical studies. Where these studies are lacking or insufficiently detailed, the collective judgement by an expert panel is used as a complementary source. For each diagnostic or therapeutic option, the available evidence is summarised with reference to key publications.


All interactive models and related materials are reviewed every 6 months for being up-to-date. If new scientific evidence or other facts such as drug approval by EMA necessitate reconsideration, a new appraisal by the expert panel is organised.


The models are developed in a fully independent and autonomous manner. No industry sponsoring is collected for establishing the MiMe programs to safeguard independency. Funding of the programme comes from educational grant acquisition and paying access to the accredited CME courses.