About us

The PCa models will be put offline on January 8th, 2019.
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How it started

In 2011, a multidisciplinary group of expert-friends amongst which Nicolas Mottet (urologist), Alberto Bossi (radiotherapist) and Jacques Irani (urologist), all of them having common educational ambitions in the field of uro-oncology, organised themselves into an official non-profit-association named ISSECAM, “International society for the study and exchange of evidence from clinical research and medical experience”. They did this with the help of their partners in education Ismar Healthcare and e-HIMS, both seated in Belgium, which explains ISSECAM having its office in Belgium as well. ISSECAM is set up as an international multidisciplinary scientific association with a focus on high-quality education in uro-oncology. A Board was formed consisting of urologists Nicolas Mottet (chair), Jacques Irani, Alberto Briganti and Steven Joniau, radiation oncologist Alberto Bossi and medical oncologist Maria De Santis. In 2014, LUTD was added as a domain of CME interest and represented in the Board by urologists Dirk De Ridder and Christian Gratzke. Over time, ISSECAM re-oriented to providing offline and online CME activities in multiple disease areas.  

Mirrors of Medicine

For many years, Ismar Healthcare and e-HIMS have been building up an extensive experience with educational programmes. The birth of ISSECAM was the perfect opportunity to bring these experiences together in an educational platform supported by the association, named Mirrors of Medicine, with the goal of offering the community of learners unique EACCME-accredited CME programmes both online and live, with a specific focus on improving clinical decision making.

As such, the Mirrors of Medicine Prostate Cancer modules were a result of bringing together e-HIMS’ many years of experience with the RAND Appropriateness method and ISSECAM’s goal of offering unique and practice-driven education. Therefore a Scientific Committee has been established consisting of uro-oncologist Bertrand Tombal (chair), urologists Jeroen van Moorselaar and Theo de Reijke, radiation oncologists Alberto Bossi and Gert De Meerleer, and methodologist Herman Stoevelaar. They are responsible for the Mirrors of Medicine Prostate Cancer modules, both in creation as in consistently keeping them up-to-standards together with 40 expert-panel-members, with e-HIMS as publisher.

e-HIMS bvba

e-HIMS, the publisher of Mirrors of Medicine, was founded in 2005 in Belgium. e-HIMS is committed to provide uniquely built, high-quality, up-to-date and practical CME activities with a strong focus on improving decision making, in close collaboration with scientific associations such as ISSECAM and individual expert contributors.

For more information, please contact:

Luc Van Ruysevelt, Director of e-HIMS, luc.vanruysevelt@e-hims.com
Nicolas Mottet, Chairman of ISSECAM, info@issecam.org
Bertrand Tombal, Chairman of Mirrors of Medicine, info@mirrorsmed.org